The Book Progress

Write and write it…


Dress or strip tease?


            //// //// //// ////

Written. Edit!

New revisions.

Change the changes,

clean collisions.

            //// //// ////

Writing now to

beta readers,

asking them to

please, be speeders!

            //// ////

Wrote it. Agent.

Book in bookstore.

Readers reading —



MVATBSTNOTE: This poem was inspired by a post on Medium by Abby Norman. She is a young writer navigating the world of writing as it exists today. I celebrate the way she thinks. I celebrate the agent who believes in her! And, I celebrate the book pictured here–it was one of the very best edits of my entire career and I love how it is laying in wait to see how the sands of time and the eyes of humanity will deal with it. It is the most unusual and esoteric book I ever read (or edited) and it has been like a ride at an amusement park because it did expand the essence of my soul. The protagonist is a girlwomangirl, age 12 and age 42 at the same time. She is at times a walking heartbreak, a stand up comedienne and a time traveler with Oreos in her backpack. It was this book that demonstrated for me how a book makes its own progress into this world. It allowed me to see the “L” that separates “word” from “world.”


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