She Uses Hours



to twenty-one

dark to her light

start, mid, and done.


At rest, she dreams

Awake, she’ll mix

motions in eeee-s

a quanta fix.


By the clock she

moves a lifetime

with her words she

rues this life’s rhyme.


Talking ticks her

measured passion

leads her witness

with compassion.



24-hour clock          12-hour clock

00:00                         12:00 midnight (start of the day) maybe sleeping

01:00                         1:00 a.m. certain sleeping

02:00                         2:00 a.m. not remembering

03:00                         3:00 a.m. self-paralyzing

04:00                         4:00 a.m. not nightmaring

05:00                         5:00 a.m. tiny snoring

06:00                         6:00 a.m. up deciding

07:00                         7:00 a.m. happy coffeeing

08:00                         8:00 a.m. dishes washing

09:00                         9:00 a.m. at desking

10:00                         10:00 a.m. oh…working…

11:00                         11:00 a.m. word shepherding

12:00                         12:00 noon (middle of day) errand running

13:00                         1:00 p.m. late lunching

14:00                         2:00 p.m. concept thinking

15:00                         3:00 p.m. telephone calling

16:00                         4:00 p.m. task synthesizing

17:00                         5:00 p.m. walking, walking

18:00                         6:00 p.m. snack fooding

19:00                         7:00 p.m. task worrying

20:00                         8:00 p.m. perhaps laundering

21:00                         9:00 p.m. reading, reading

22:00                         10:00 p.m. journal writing

23:00                         11:00 p.m. sleep programming

24:00                         12:00 midnight (end of the day)




a walk, an eye

a camera

a thought, a poem

oh grammar, ah!


four elements


for energies

go in, gentle…


air day or night

sea fair or rain

fire holds on tight

earth is a brain


a verse of stars

in water drops


in flight nonstops


NOTE: Last night I had the opportunity to visit open desert. I did so with friends equipped with cameras and intentions to capture light in darkness. Success — undetermined. Near the end of our field trip, we happened on a park, a playground, that was being watered by sprinklers. That is what this photo is — water drops projected from a sprinkler, at midnight, being played with by the flash from an iPhone.


Piece a peace crust

slice-cut the bread.

Drink as you must

what fruit has bled.


Syrup cuisine?

Bee of a sting?

A thermal spring?

Meal unforeseen.


Rooster’s daughter

a fine relate

feathered water

to stock create.


Hunger and thirst

the spirit feels

what soul has nursed

and taste reveals.

lost chicken

4-4-16 (Four Poems in Honor of A Great Day For Four)




Here a fence post.

Here a planet.

Here a microbe.

Here began it.


Go to meet it.

Go to never.

Go embrace it.

Go. Forever.


There goes something.

There is vapor.

There was mention.

There, on paper.


One honest sky.

One honest youth.

One honest glance.

One honest truth.


4 4 4 4 4  4  4  4  4  4   4   4   4  4    4   4


When I Say “Heart”


Passive function

to say it — said —

most of the time

in my own head.


Yet as it beats

it sometimes screams

and then whispers.

It likes extremes.


In person one,

body double.

Heart. Heart. Heart. Heart.

Lovely trouble!


In that you have

taken a part.

Worlds of meaning

when I say, “heart.”


4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4




To circumvent

in decency

do not tell all



To wash without


is to rinse in



To dry without


you err with air’s



Muddled issues

seek translations,

want agreements,



4444    4444    4444    4444


Four Times Four Times


Beat and meter

came out today

to shed their light

in new airway.


Double u oh

are and a d

met up with s.



Meaning is as

meaning does but

actions open

what words have shut.


Poetic feet

will find their doors

through Internets

and closed bookstores.

An Edit Day


With extra i

a misspelled word–



Too much of this!

The edits way

see text is rhyme

in context stray.


Weird work on words.


To shiver well,

translate, innate.


To clarity!

Let that be aim

Rein all letters…

compose regain.




Dream Gravity

Sleeping body

soul untethered

in such freedom

I’m too gathered.


Dream is a path—

requires no feet

floating story

left incomplete.


Even in a nap

dreams are practice

to connect to

this life’s atlas.

highlinebricksSo much depends

on the sleep’s time

of day or night

the quanta “I’m.”

Spinning Circles






The young the old

the middle age.


in wallets’ wage.


We all design

the world’s spreadsheet.

But just enough

won’t make ends meet.


The socialists,

the me-di-awe.

They exchange lists

of need and law.



will pay the price.


in fire and ice.

Inspired by this blog post:

Aqua Pura












a pure liquid

holy water

an artesian

alma mater



oh oxygen

gas rises out

of hydrogen


this substance has


it bathes all with



love it use it

drip drip drip drip

in water flows


Leftover Why?







Year of numbers

day of the weak

count money all

in close critique.


Minimum wage.

Maximum cost.

Moderate gains.

Measured and lost.


The whole has left

its parts of sum

to right align

with new income.


Cells divided.

Reached attainder.

The last question?

A remainder.

Relative IT








Eerie action

at a distance

compound fraction


**    **    **    **

Inaction is


to poet’s pen


***    ***    ***   ***

Dependent on

prevailing mood

single neutron

and science pseud.

****    ****    ****    ****


Where love meets fate

as episodes



NOTE: This poem is based on two recent incidents where roses and tea were key players in scenarios that I must describe as magic! The month of February in the year of 2016 has been extraordinary—and there is still a Leap Year Day on the horizon. It can only mean more magic…and I wish it for all who happen to read these words…yes, YOU.