Quality of…

life. Today I said,

“Time for things old,

new.” So I walked

toward unforetold


pink, green…a hue.

One never seen

on Earth as yet,

a whole new mean.


At pre-sunset

it hung in air

low, up a tree

clear, bright, wave, clair.


To innovate

be a cheater!

Right a poem with

all wrong meter.

IMG_3163NOTE: Today I wanted to see a color “never seen before on Earth.” So when I went out on a walk, I saw pepper berries hanging on a tree. The time was pre-sunset and I thought I’d try to capture a new color with the fuzzy pink berry out of focus against the green leaf to create some new version of color “never seen before on Earth.” These crazy poems…I’m not sure why I write them! It’s just that I love life–especially when out for a walk.


Yo Gravity



gravityearthPhoto by Danilo Rizzuti. 


You Gravity,

We Dig Your Grave

To Give You Rest…

Long May You Wave.

You Held Us Down!

You Held Us Back!

Because Of You

We’ve Suffered Lack!

Your Mystery

Still Plays A Part–

Your Concept Needs

A New Pi Chart.

Your Force Owes Us


As Now We Post

This Eulogy.

Fourth Law Motion

+Newton proposed

Laws: a threesome

so long ago…

…now let’s tease them+


+Law One lays rest

objects, motions;

it fails to touch

loves and potions+


+Law Two forces changes

all external;

Law Three explains

life eternal+


+Law Four deserves

test and mention:

the ‘resist’ in








Photo by scottchan. Published on 16 March 2011 Image ID: 10034977