The best gift of

twenty fifteen

is small, is glass

is sand, is green.


This little tool

does not promise.

Its sands of time

doubt like Thomas!


When flipped it starts

to operate

and then it stops

to test all fate!


Believe in time

on occasion,

but when it serves

waive equation!

NOTE: Thank you to Ivan Levi for this unique gift!






Dream Recipes





Have no nightdreams?

There’s no excuse…

just have a drink

of cherry juice.


Want some lucid?

Light up your frieze

with some help from

a strong bleu cheese.


Like dream landscapes?

Get brand new scenes

after eating

red kidney beans.


You only enter

the deep sleep zone

with a brain bathed


To Unfollow


Just like the sheep

and other nouns

we bow to screens,

believe in crowns…


…and go around

contagious loop

then break the chains

rethink, regroup.


Give it up to

God! Apollo!

Press the button

to unfollow…


…transitive verb

that cuts the lift

that lets the down

that gives the gift.



Photo by David Castillo Dominici. Stock photo – Image ID: 100142578

Own Your Limits



Water takes shape

of vessel curved

as brand new thoughts

create your world.


Your duty is

to work against

all rising tides

and things unfenced.



Remember when

your thoughts turned ‘round—

came back again?


Limit, then free

your boundaries.

Use words that serve

my memories.


NOTE: The pronoun “your” (refers to what belongs to you) is similar to the noun “yore,” (indicates a quantity of time that belongs to the past). Think about it…your, yore…and what belongs to when!

Photo by Meawpong3405. Image ID: 10036782.




Universe switch

done set in stone

with polished nail

and in-turned bone.


Two leaves one chain

a scrap of red

to match the latch

in sandal bed.


Black stones, a shell

a mine-us sign

plus five digits

on waste align.


I walk and see

the firmament

but whisper of

a filament.



P.S. Thank you, Spiderman.



The heart has wheels

no graph can chart

for flips and feels

arrive, depart.



comes in to play

every landscape

and mind filled bay.


Intents and plans…

begins and ends

expect results

and make new friends.


Track or footprint?

Tread light with soul!

And take a hint

with each new roll.



Photo by lekkyjustdoit. Published on 07 November 2015

Stock photo – Image ID: 100375855


NOTE: This poem is for my friend James in honor of the project we are working on together.