When two children

come to being

life gets care-full

yet more freeing.


September and

November too

these are birth months

with timely view.


Now twenty-eight

and twenty-four

who teaches whom

to memory store?


Fifty-two years

a parent, me?

Good lessons learned—



On Heart’s Design

Two lines curving
meet in middle
form the heart shape
make a riddle.

Dent is upright
bottom pointed
all is top-down:
Love’s anointed!

All loves flip-flop,
change emotient.
Arcs invert to
complete quotient.

From fulsome breast
to darkling anus
love’s symbol tells
its story famous.
Heart_Lefthighlight_clip_art_small  Heart_Lefthighlight_clip_art_small
NOTE: Observe how an upright heart symbolizes breasts. When flipped the heart resembles buttocks, the anus. If the breasts herald the beginning of love, the buttocks symbolize the “end” of love. How appropriate is that? In reality, the heart muscle is not shaped like a heart. It is shaped like a fist, and it just keeps pounding, punching! I have looked for images to show how two hearts can be juxtaposed; maybe I need to have an artist draw these?

Valyou Value

$ervices, goods

for piece are paid.

Agreements, deals—

the cost of trade.

All customers

see some dangers

when transacting

with exchangers!

$ell percentage,

divide union.

Leave two parties

in communion.

To have, to spend,

to hold in thrift.

To share, to plan,

invest or gift?

lucky ticket