Apples oranges

plus and minus

two trains passing

co and sine us.


Fifteen over

a tiny six


allow the fix.


Dislike of math

has multiplied.

I’m long divide



Bowls of numbers…

measured by sym.

This exercise

displays some dim.


NOTE: When I was cleaning out the garage today I found papers I’d kept from stuff I wrote when I was in high school. I found a page of algebra homework on which I’d written this poem:

My hate for math is multiplying
I find numbers very trying.
To try to do a long divide
I am not very qualified.
We need numbers! It’s a fact!
So I won’t reject them…
I’ll subtract.

December 20, 1973



dreamtruckNow you lay you
down to sleep in
cotton twist and
feathered deep end….

Bid farewell to
particle thought
and enter waves
where unique plots

arise from well
and spring from psych:
a rake, a fork
a skate, a bike?

Upon awake
odd questions vary.
So, research at
Dream Library.


o//o    o//o    o//o    o//o

Hand to hand I

close a circuit

in the name of

who will work it…

 //oo    //oo    //oo    //oo

…and ask of he

or maybe her

whose powers are

to me, unsure.

oo//    oo//    oo//    oo//

The act of prayer

is like a bird

who lands in the

dimension third—

o/o/    o/o/    o/o/    o/o/

that space in which

resistance wears

a leather glove

that never tears.

    /oo/    /oo/    /oo/    /oo/

NOTE: The inspiration for this poem came from a video on YouTube titled “Why Do You Fold Your Hands in Prayer?” featuring Guruka Singh who speaks about why people make certain actions without thinking about the reasons beneath. Thank you to my dear friend M.P. for sending this my way. I am grateful and am folding my hands with new knowledge!handsprayerKaylee’s hands…3-6-15