The Book Progress

Write and write it…


Dress or strip tease?


            //// //// //// ////

Written. Edit!

New revisions.

Change the changes,

clean collisions.

            //// //// ////

Writing now to

beta readers,

asking them to

please, be speeders!

            //// ////

Wrote it. Agent.

Book in bookstore.

Readers reading —



MVATBSTNOTE: This poem was inspired by a post on Medium by Abby Norman. She is a young writer navigating the world of writing as it exists today. I celebrate the way she thinks. I celebrate the agent who believes in her! And, I celebrate the book pictured here–it was one of the very best edits of my entire career and I love how it is laying in wait to see how the sands of time and the eyes of humanity will deal with it. It is the most unusual and esoteric book I ever read (or edited) and it has been like a ride at an amusement park because it did expand the essence of my soul. The protagonist is a girlwomangirl, age 12 and age 42 at the same time. She is at times a walking heartbreak, a stand up comedienne and a time traveler with Oreos in her backpack. It was this book that demonstrated for me how a book makes its own progress into this world. It allowed me to see the “L” that separates “word” from “world.”



The thought comes in. An idea. A bright image. And then, structure. “I will write it.”

Four syllables. In each sentence. These paragraphs. They are so short!

A brain program. Give words a dose. And humans too. And readers: most. We’re reading short! On Internet. On a device. On a billboard. On a Post-it. In the daytime.

The dark of night? By Kindlelight.

Words, little words! These sounds and vibes. Mean more than it. And what it is. Bold italic. Using strikethrough. Font is power! It colors you.

What would Joyce do? Shakespeare, Plato? With a keyboard. Watching a screen! Making choices. Expressing thoughts. Just one volume? Word enchantment!

Time travels words. Words travel time. How to ride them? How you use them? What does “S” say? Pack a word suitcase! Count and measure. Please sound them out. Consonants stick. Vowels leak and shout.

Fours and forces. Join uniqueness. Pay attention! Patterns demand. Each particle. Will join a wave. Meet them at shore.

Give space to word. Pen and journal? Voice recorder? Open laptop?

Threads of write time.

Times of right thread.

How does it look? How does it sound? A poem forms! Two hundred words. Well, now you know.

NOTE: This morning while reading the Medium website, I found a prompt about writing (in 200 words) an essay about a topic you’ve no time to write about. Here is the link:


Water, Water

Water, water

drip and ocean

alma mater



Thank you, liquid

hello to gel

goodbye frigid

let’s see steam swell.


So give credit

to the charges

life as edit

smalls live larges!


Our perception

— reality —

is exception

and poetry.


NOTE: This was written in response to Ethan Siegal’s blog post today on

Thank you, Ethan, for using water to explain things to us and for inspiring a bit of verse for the uni.IMG_1371