Out and rageous


on screen pages

of elation!


From letters words

grow explicit.

They roost like birds

as inquisit.


Wheels of knowledge

roll to reshape

preschool, college

of brain landscape.


One hundredth post

appearing here.

Fourteen at most—

will eyes that clear.



Coronal Loops

“A coronal loop is magnetic flux fixed at both ends, threading through the solar body, protruding into the solar atmosphere. They are ideal structures to observe when trying to understand the transfer of energy from the solar body, through the transition region and into the corona.” ~Wikipedia



Image credit: TRACE, Nasa.


And now, the poem: CORONAL LOOPS

 In shoes of fire

the Sun does flips—

arcs of triumph,

energy blips.



Orange neutrinos?

Sport with magnets?



The fact that light

plays with matter

puts science first—

top of ladder.


So run and rise

to curve and loop

and keep the heat

of conscious group.




Heat. Hurt. Heart. Heal.


Violent words,

mean reactions

divide humans

and burn fractions.

X  +

The soul that hurts

with silent pain

will swirl and loop

and rise to rain.

X  + ^

Ask questions for

the answers we’ll

use to bring out

power to heal.

X + ^ ?

That hope exists

where heart is felt

opens the ways

for harm to melt.

X + ^ ? =

NOTE: The Adverse Childhood Experiences study done by Vincent J. Felitti, M.D. and Robert Anda, M.D. is something I believe to be worthy of a Nobel Prize for its impact on the potential of humans to understand suffering and healing. In my way, I know I will spend the rest of my life making this study known and working (as well as playing) to watch those who’ve experienced childhood trauma heal by addressing the wound, allowing the scab and honoring the scar while rising to live lives of more joy and happiness. Thank you for reading, thank you for believing in a better world.

scar in sun

A scar in the morning sun. 4-11-15.

Photo is of the scar on my right knee…sorry if it is TMVI (too much visual information).

Minnesota high school screens students for ACEs to develop trauma-informed education

Minnesota high school screens students for ACEs to develop trauma-informed education. By Jane Ellen Stevens.

I learned about the ACE study in 2010 and felt it was a major key that could unlock some of the ills common in all societies across the world.

For more information:

Thanks to Vincent J. Felitti, M.D. and Robert Anda, M.D. for their groundbreaking work on the study. Thanks to Jane Stevens for this article.

Now, it is time to come up with solutions for healing the effects of ACEs. There are many modalities for healing–the important thing is to find one that fits each individual. Some people are comfortable with psychotherapy, some prefer reiki, the Emotion Code protocol developed by Bradley Nelson, D.O. is one that seems to work well and “stick.”

When trauma is experienced during childhood, the scars are carried for a lifetime. The “charge” of the trauma can be neutralized so that the person doesn’t have to keep cycling it, but the way to such “neutralization” must be found on a case-by-case basis.

I wish for healing…on the part of all humans in the world.

Good Morning Moon


eclipse4-4-15Dark skies in spring

doth hearts unwind

with tiny keys

in locks of mind.

Abed we lie

beg dreams to keep

in slippered truth

of conscious deep.

A clock, a buzz

and gravity

we see the moon

does moon see we?

Lunar eclipse

shades of bloodlight

gives a morning

the end to night.


NOTE: I found this song to accompany the poem (with gratitude to Jim Brickman):

Thank you to my friend S. for sharing the experience of this eclipse with me from your geographic position on this planet of ours. When we witness celestial events together apart, something aligns and all is well.





Wound dehiscence/was a factor/on the cross of/life retractor.

Wailing, weeping/human witness/otherworldly/darkened litness.

Stress the body/roll out the soul/transition to/universe hole.

Once ascended/get the masters/to overrule/false disasters!

JeNOTE: I have been waiting for a chance to use the word “dehiscence” in a poem. It is a noun that lives in the field of biology. It means the bursting open of an organ in order to release contents, or, after a surgery, it means that the wound has burst open. If this happens a surgeon is likely to shorten the word to a slang term that sounds like “dehiss.”

To those who celebrate Easter, I wish happiness in 2015 in order to cover the dehiss that may have occurred all those many years ago on that symbol of resistance, the cross. To those who stay thoughtful at Easter–due to the history–I say “thank you.” To children who search for eggs as a rite of spring, I say, “keep searching” because it is a very good exercise!