Blank Blue Blooms Bliss


B ell you e

Love’s luminaire

Utmost freedom



Brave faith in breeze

Lifts enchantment

Use drafts to pray 

 Enough factment.


Broad sky a prop

Lucent cloudless

Under atop

Ere the loudless.


Belief in air

Lights up a trust

Until nightfall

Ends as it must.


A Note On The Moral Of This Poem:

If you take the sky for granted, the less you’ll love what is enchanted! 



Facing The Waves

sea+toes+westWhile facing west

A wave made curl

And met the toes

Of older girl


A camera snap

From cell device

Caught water’s words

Steam liquid ice


She played the part

Of watch and wait

While feeling swirl

Of sand and fate


The rise of tide

Brought wet of foam

Parallel to 

Her life in poem