Bauxite Day


The tinsel placed

in yesteryear

holidays trace

to poison fear

Paper, tape and

cardboard boxic

rubber-gloved hand

can touch toxic.

Exhausted by

heavy lifting,

thinking turns high:

Stop this gifting!


is silver shine.


what’s yours is mine.

Christmas Citrus

Christmas Citrus


Christmas merry

bright fruit abounds

colors vary

in ounces, pounds!


To make a word

that rhymes with orange 

add letter j

for juicy jorange.


This is in fact

a tangelo

which hangs intact

a bough below.


Orchard. Phoenix.

Winter weather.

Sneezes. Kleenex.

Gloves. Totes. Gather! 

A Frosted Fork

Sincere apologies to the spirit of Robert Frost, 1875-1963

Some say the Earth will end in word,

Some say in number.

From what I’ve tasted of absurd

I hold with those who favor word.

But if we have to unencumber

To say that for ascension number

Is also great

To wake our slumber.

File:Robert Frost NYWTS.jpg

4 Person*a*1

1111    1111    1111    1111

Two full power

Words are you, too:

Humans. Beings.

Plus, here am I.

2222    2222    2222    2222

For you I am

praying. A sense


cents with dollars.

3333    3333    3333    3333


honored, suffered.

They witness you.

You witness them.

4444    4444     4444    4444

I am for you!

In realms of love

and statistic

for you am I.

1234    1234    1234    1234

First of the First

Jan. YOU airy

calendar first!

Packed with promise

of best and worst.


Some have birthdays,

others get NEWs.

Some get contacts

and improve views.


Turn these pages,

recite a vow,

act your wonder,

Time your now.


As arises

Two Oh Thirteen

It asks of Time,

“Where have you been?”

Lausanne Time