Seating Tesla



or vacuum dark

try to prevent

the second spark!

Past and future

are tender scars

wound and suture

an arc of ares.

Sit in sunlight

or walk in reins.

Formulate what

energy gains.

Active matter

observed or not

flips all senses

to ohm or watt.

NOTE: Photo by Salvatore Vuono. Published on 26 July 2010.
Stock photo – Image ID: 1001914.

This week after a swim, I sat in the sun and felt as if I had become a solar panel. Free energy? Somewhere between light and water, these words arrived on the shore. May you be so illumined, even for a few seconds. That is my wish!


Crossing Crosses

At the point in

your resistance

where kinship

lends good assistance


unclip and use

a safety pin

to have and hold

the wise truths in



of love and angst


and give them thanks.


 Both clip and cross

hold a mystique

with bottom, top

and you, oblique.


Note: The photo is mine…the philosophy is coming from somewhere else and I wish I could give it credit.





Observe a fact.


The candle flame

of heart attack.


In movement slow

old paradigm

went up as smoke

as so below.


All small things are

forged by choices.

Please come, changes!

March your forces!


Words in a queue…

…rhymes off meter.

One iota

Stood to meet her.


NOTE: Photo by John Kasawa. Published on 02 March 2012.
Stock photo – Image ID: 10075002.

What’s Going On?




is occurring

for solution.

Old sin-ergy

is past its tense.

New energy

is off the fence.

Gather rosebuds

like investments.


are contentments.

We see it in

each others’ eyes–


a fine surprise!

Photo credit: Me. I attended the spring play of a neighbor who was in second grade at the time. There was standing room only as young children sangs songs of cultures who live on this planet. If I try, I can still hear them singing in my memory!