Waitlessness, Four


The skeptical


asks answers as

 posts of a goal.


The innerwise


airs these questions

on ledge of knowl.


When asker asks

the do-er climbs

these majestic

thoughtform mountains…


…to find, expand

and thus create


 through word phountains


Photo: Trevor Turkovich 




Waitlessness, Three

✎✎✎✎ ✍ ✐✐✐✐

this idea

as a new thought

will manifest

with what is brought

✎✎✎✎ ✍ ✐✐✐✐

observed at first

through second see

it rounds to third


✎✎✎✎ ✍ ✐✐✐✐

lessons free or

paid tuition

both apparent

at fruition

✎✎✎✎ ✍ ✐✐✐✐

act to create

and then dispense

reveal what’s real:

the evidence!

✎✎✎✎ ✍ ✐✐✐✐




Waitlessness, Two

~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~

one if by land

two if by sea

three if by hand

four if by see

~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~

those tides and times

of yearn and wish

old paradigms

of fish the fish

~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~

where noun and verb

in middle meet

to be to do

on present beat

~~~~    !!!!    ~~~~    ~~~~

the unseen force

will operate

intention’s course…

each spirit’s fate

~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~Image


Photo: Trevor Turkovich

Waitlessness, One



Photo: Trevor Turkovich, age 15


 a pull? a push?

an or? an either?

light gravity

heavy breather


sun orb body?

soul orb planet?

a pinch of quartz

a gram of granite


a set? a rise?

tilt? rotation?

axis theory

God quotation


 the ship at sea?

the neutral tide?

from science minds

the facts that lied