The Saint of Snow


In quiet watch

o’er patch of snow

this cement saint

Adds M to POE.

As seasons pass

all treasures stay

within his hands

that teach to pray

in strength of wait

and weight of strength

decision spans

improper length.

Stand up to go

you…double you.

Fear not what’s free

at end of queue.








A part of all

E disappear.

I on the prize

Oh yes, first gear!


You are that h,

A piece of heart.

E leads the a

In righteous start.


Om my darling

U yo U you.

Y forks that road.

A spoon? Adieu.


Easy the ride

iPedal bike.

O wand’ring love…

U of the Psych.


Core relations

at occasions

cause vibrations,

build equations.


Our lips that speak

of hearing ears

ignite hot sparks—

fire loves, drench fears.


Forgive us, God

our ugh, our laud

at life we prod

in numbers odd.


Of what then is

your family?

Cold universe?

Or full-grown tree?


WHY? What about all the letter o appearances in this poem? Think of them as concentric circles, misplaced. They are not really circles–they are Möbius bands. They are cycling energy into this poem that expands with each new reader. Enjoy!