E = In2

E = In2


What’s in a name?

Who’s at this inn?

Infamous fame?

Hope on a pin?


Inner g forces

light in up speed,

minding sources,

dominion freed.


Inertia sticks

to inner eye.

Intentions fix

Indite reply.


Two are in state…

…letters in line


our Einstein.



While summoning energy early this morning in order to apply it to the tasks of today, I saw the spine of a book on the shelf—a biography by Walter Isaacson, titled Einstein: His Life and Universe.

Until now, the fact that there are two “in”s in this great thinker’s last name went unnoticed. I saw that the only appropriate thing to do about it was to write this poem. What also caught my attention was that in the word “universe” the spelling of “in” is reversed…but it is in there if one takes time to see it!

Thank you!innerlight

This photo is of a light bulb inside a glass box. It is part of the design of a mailbox that belongs to my neighbor.




Trim all thinking

Toss out the plans

Cut the nonsense

Correct time’s spans


Worry over

Words and phrases

Halve the word count

Handle mazes


Quote quotations

Quit at Scrabble

Play ideas

Pen the babble


It’s about you

In defending


Mythic ending



photo credit: pexels.com