ACT your ACTion,

exACT a fee.

Welcome the new



ReACT happens

time of the all.

Full disclosure

on answered call.


Lay the fACTs out

across the board….

Flip a switch to

release–not hoard.



is in sense tACT.

You’re now challenged

to observACT!


A Pass Word


Flip the laptop

Internet Act

Post, status, shop

Research a fact:


Aboard the keys

Below the noise…

Surfing in seas

Of equipoise



Watching, looking

Pushing to shove?

Feeling heated

Above the love


Person password

You are the code

Electrons stirred–

Headed and toed


Train For Four


rise in morning

left-hand, right-brain


tonight, in train.


letter, number

symbol signage

you are, circle

i am lineage.


passing crossing,

overhead know

lessen lesson,

above below.


mirror, number

silver letter

look, now life gets

better, better.