In three-D realm

where holding fast

is the design

to make things last…

…this bold intent

and garbage can

two tools to use

in race to ban.

A carrier

a luggage cart

a calendar

a place to start…

…and place to end

when motions done

the muscles lift

an ounce, a ton.


No More Four Free


Unusual times
have brought us here
to live in love
to lie in fear.

So will you play…
or will you stop
to see the signs
that have no prop?

Watch CNN.
Hear NPR.
Smell an ill wind.
Touch from afar.

Ask hard questions,
paradigm bust.
There’s no playbook
of what to trust.

Bee On A Breeze

As a bee

graces every blossom

with its entity—

giving attention

making attraction

gathering material…

so does my soul

vibrate. Abuzz with

gratitude’s vibrancy.


This is a garden

grown solid

with sound—grown liquid

in temporary



Go, dear bee,

telegraph it

and be a

unit of the verse.

Or, radio.


You’re Invited

The scene is planned

a date on point

then a command:

Will you enjoint?


Who wants to know?

Children query.


Waiting. Weary.


Will you? Won’t you?

Ah, ah, attend?

Stand invited:

at guest and friend!


Play by the rules.

Please sil vous plait.

Or put off and

the date betray.MarMuseum



a walk, an eye

a camera

a thought, a poem

oh grammar, ah!


four elements


for energies

go in, gentle…


air day or night

sea fair or rain

fire holds on tight

earth is a brain


a verse of stars

in water drops


in flight nonstops


NOTE: Last night I had the opportunity to visit open desert. I did so with friends equipped with cameras and intentions to capture light in darkness. Success — undetermined. Near the end of our field trip, we happened on a park, a playground, that was being watered by sprinklers. That is what this photo is — water drops projected from a sprinkler, at midnight, being played with by the flash from an iPhone.


Piece a peace crust

slice-cut the bread.

Drink as you must

what fruit has bled.


Syrup cuisine?

Bee of a sting?

A thermal spring?

Meal unforeseen.


Rooster’s daughter

a fine relate

feathered water

to stock create.


Hunger and thirst

the spirit feels

what soul has nursed

and taste reveals.

lost chicken



In the tech fields
plus in trenches
human faces
create wrenches.

Move him up or
pass her over
suspect downtown
close the folder.

Different us
Multiply splits
Versify words
Universe its.

Programmers all
of lives are we
HTM* code

*Heart-To-Mind (missing the L that stands for Love).

For High Cool Heat

 It’s gunite, shotcrete,

fast powder spark that triggers

solid violence.


Licensed to carry

wrong law and fierce lawd put life

asunder. Begun.


Police poetry:

hands in, up, over, out—gone.

Got you, Negro. Die.


F sound follows Gun.

Fear. Force. Fire. Fail. Face. Fact. Fate.




Photo by Matt Banks. Published on 28 July 2011
Stock photo – Image ID: 10051695

NOTE: I usually do not write about injustice, but the video of a black man being shot by police IN FRONT OF A FOUR YEAR OLD GIRL and her mother was a horror for which I had to find words.

4-4-16 (Four Poems in Honor of A Great Day For Four)




Here a fence post.

Here a planet.

Here a microbe.

Here began it.


Go to meet it.

Go to never.

Go embrace it.

Go. Forever.


There goes something.

There is vapor.

There was mention.

There, on paper.


One honest sky.

One honest youth.

One honest glance.

One honest truth.


4 4 4 4 4  4  4  4  4  4   4   4   4  4    4   4


When I Say “Heart”


Passive function

to say it — said —

most of the time

in my own head.


Yet as it beats

it sometimes screams

and then whispers.

It likes extremes.


In person one,

body double.

Heart. Heart. Heart. Heart.

Lovely trouble!


In that you have

taken a part.

Worlds of meaning

when I say, “heart.”


4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4




To circumvent

in decency

do not tell all



To wash without


is to rinse in



To dry without


you err with air’s



Muddled issues

seek translations,

want agreements,



4444    4444    4444    4444


Four Times Four Times


Beat and meter

came out today

to shed their light

in new airway.


Double u oh

are and a d

met up with s.



Meaning is as

meaning does but

actions open

what words have shut.


Poetic feet

will find their doors

through Internets

and closed bookstores.