Photo Poem

…asks, “Where?”


Is modern art

A glass lens eye

On face, one part.


Chanel…No. Five Of It


Oh number one

You’re too alone

She wants more fun

In such cologne!


Shush, number two

You want to play

But two’s a queue

Too in the way…


Strike number three

It’s quite a crowd

Take it for tea

Sip and be proud.


Tell number four–

This scent’s alive

Add one: she’ll wear

The number five!

Political Numbers Four by Four

Play statistics!

Statistics play

with logistics

as overlay!


First you see them

tumbling, pouring.

Then you hear them

screaming, roaring!


Toting, toted

on a big screen.


What is unseen?


Whose precedent?

Let numbers talk!

President Who?

The Voting Bloc!


One Hundred Percent

Essay and list

Then poetry

Finger and fist

I, You—You, Me.


One idea

Then another

Exchange via

Sister, brother.



More fun thinking

You plus others’

Minds are linking.


Play at teaching

Another mind

Art of reaching

Contract signed.


Why Five Syllables, Five Lines, Five Stanzas Don’t Work



A glass of empty.

A chalice that’s full.

A paper unmarked.

A sweater of wool.

            All had by the fool.


Oh say, what have you?

What things are possessed?

Boxes, bags, storage?

Organized or messed?

            Ownership unrest?


Quantity happens

To quality too

Qualify something

And stand in the queue

            Open up a clue


What’s in that wallet?

Who supports your poise?

Designer labels?

Gold watch? Name brand toys?

            What will fight such noise?


Object all objects!

Give thought, yes…apprise.

You own what owns you!

Use mind, pure heart, eyes–

            Know good buys and byes!