In Cloud Storage

In the bucket

of your wish list

lies the fable

of what you’ve missed.


Dreams in storage

too elastic

to be kept in

pails of plastic. 

august motion




Have a penchant?

Learn something new?

Send it upward

then pull and do!




Desires rise!

You’ll get the gist

with head in clouds

of see and mist.



     My friends have heard me talk about the fact that I have a Cloud List. It’s what most people refer to as a Bucket List. My desire is to have people start storing their unrealized dreams in a Cloud List.

     The theoretical cloud is a much better place to keep your list of desires. It is safer than a bucket, and much more romantic! A bucket is also something you can use in an emergency leak or throw-up situation. It holds mop water or other kinds of throw-away or recycle-able things.

     You don’t see buckets all that often, but you do see clouds in the sky, and when you see them they can remind you of what you’re keeping in a vapor state. Vapor states are mutable–they can evaporate or turn to rain or snow. And, they are interesting things to imagine–when you want to realize a dream, see yourself stretching into the sky, reaching into a cloud and pulling out a ticket that will actualize and allow your dream come true.

     What’s on your Cloud List? 

     Since I’ve had my dreams in the clouds, I have been able to realize a ski lesson, a dance lesson and a few other things I prefer to write about by hand, and only in a journal. There are a whole lot of other things on my Cloud List–some are profound, some are pedestrian and all are possible poem material!

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