Adieu, Adieu

Era ending

Tense is moving

New beginning

Living, proving.


See you later

On the landing


Is outstanding!


Farewell, so long

Old survival

We’ve all come to

New arrival.


Bye, good…goodbye

To neighborhood

Yet heart remains

Where life is good.


Personal Favorite: Egon Schiele, Exhibition London


This writer is very insightful when it comes to art interpretation. I am pleased to have been asked to reblog–for the opportunity allowed me to learn something new.

Originally posted on Art Attack:

I have always been a great fan of non-realistic portraits. I enjoy viewing non-realistic portraits because I personally believe that in that way, the artist lets his creativity shine, and in a way, the painting he creates expresses his thoughts and ideas about the person illustrated. Thus the artist does not depict a person realistically, but he paints his feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

I was very excited when I read that works of Egon Schiele, one of my favorite artists that focused more on portrait paintings, were exhibited in Courtauld Gallery in London. Born in Vienna, Egon Schiele was a leading avant-garde artist in the early 1990s, the years around the First World War. During his short but very productive life, Egon Schiele managed to create a great collection of portraits (including self portraits) that were consider to be provocative, controversial but most importantly, some of the most radical depictions of the human figure…

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On Heart’s Design

Two lines curving
meet in middle
form the heart shape
make a riddle.

Dent is upright
bottom pointed
all is top-down:
Love’s anointed!

All loves flip-flop,
change emotient.
Arcs invert to
complete quotient.

From fulsome breast
to darkling anus
love’s symbol tells
its story famous.
Heart_Lefthighlight_clip_art_small  Heart_Lefthighlight_clip_art_small
NOTE: Observe how an upright heart symbolizes breasts. When flipped the heart resembles buttocks, the anus. If the breasts herald the beginning of love, the buttocks symbolize the “end” of love. How appropriate is that? In reality, the heart muscle is not shaped like a heart. It is shaped like a fist, and it just keeps pounding, punching! I have looked for images to show how two hearts can be juxtaposed; maybe I need to have an artist draw these?

What Orbits Us?


Helio space…

…Star/sun mentor

Extra intra…

…Human center

Pro oval belt…


Dark hole Light pit…

…Feel see scatter

In penumbra…

…Partial eclipse

Tell a scopic…

… … … …Stringing ellipse… … … …

This is the arc…


Of discontent…



…A note of thanks to Charles for our conversation yesterday!



Trash and garbage

contain meaning.

Say what now of

all that cleaning?


Here’s the clutter:

pins and candles,

steamer, carpet

red tape handles.


Line it up for

a collection…

sweet removal,

heal infection.


Leaves on branches,

a cactus rind—

takeaway from

your landfilled mind.