On Heart’s Design

Two lines curving
meet in middle
form the heart shape
make a riddle.

Dent is upright
bottom pointed
all is top-down:
Love’s anointed!

All loves flip-flop,
change emotient.
Arcs invert to
complete quotient.

From fulsome breast
to darkling anus
love’s symbol tells
its story famous.
Heart_Lefthighlight_clip_art_small  Heart_Lefthighlight_clip_art_small
NOTE: Observe how an upright heart symbolizes breasts. When flipped the heart resembles buttocks, the anus. If the breasts herald the beginning of love, the buttocks symbolize the “end” of love. How appropriate is that? In reality, the heart muscle is not shaped like a heart. It is shaped like a fist, and it just keeps pounding, punching! I have looked for images to show how two hearts can be juxtaposed; maybe I need to have an artist draw these?

What Orbits Us?


Helio space…

…Star/sun mentor

Extra intra…

…Human center

Pro oval belt…


Dark hole Light pit…

…Feel see scatter

In penumbra…

…Partial eclipse

Tell a scopic…

… … … …Stringing ellipse… … … …

This is the arc…


Of discontent…



…A note of thanks to Charles for our conversation yesterday!



Trash and garbage

contain meaning.

Say what now of

all that cleaning?


Here’s the clutter:

pins and candles,

steamer, carpet

red tape handles.


Line it up for

a collection…

sweet removal,

heal infection.


Leaves on branches,

a cactus rind—

takeaway from

your landfilled mind.



That big ball of

God’s energy

has gone above

and beyond me.


I used to think

and pray and dream

but I’ve lost ink

and heart and steam.


The beauty in

the truth of good

is just as thin

as stain on would.


There’s nothing left

in my account.

It’s human theft

of spirit’s mount.


NOTE: A friend of mine challenged me to write a poem about spiritual bankruptcy…something she filed for today. How—and where?—does a person file such a pleading? Over cellular lines of communication, by speaker, into the void! Who takes the case? We do. We are all members of The Supreme Court Of Humanity.

God has no jurisdiction where there is such a separation of spirit and state of being.

The End.




E = In2

E = In2


What’s in a name?

Who’s at this inn?

Infamous fame?

Hope on a pin?


Inner g forces

light in up speed,

minding sources,

dominion freed.


Inertia sticks

to inner eye.

Intentions fix

Indite reply.


Two are in state…

…letters in line


our Einstein.



While summoning energy early this morning in order to apply it to the tasks of today, I saw the spine of a book on the shelf—a biography by Walter Isaacson, titled Einstein: His Life and Universe.

Until now, the fact that there are two “in”s in this great thinker’s last name went unnoticed. I saw that the only appropriate thing to do about it was to write this poem. What also caught my attention was that in the word “universe” the spelling of “in” is reversed…but it is in there if one takes time to see it!

Thank you!innerlight

This photo is of a light bulb inside a glass box. It is part of the design of a mailbox that belongs to my neighbor.