Airplane Sunset

On the way home

From the home way


Here’s the love poem

For a long stay


 East and West Coasts

Friends who’ve blessed me

Those who were hosts

I owe plenty


Glow horizon

Light is setting

Feast for eyes on

In coach jetting


Plane’s window sun

Moon through windshield

Vacation’s yield?

Travel tales spun.

What’ S Po S S ible


S and A and

                                              N and D told

Of feet printed

                                                     On moment hold


                        Under flood lamp

Sunfire burning

                               Clouds cast shadows

  Walkers’ kerning


         Particles be

Grains of surface

               Placed as canvas

For a purpose


May we all know

                        Solid traction

              As our tickets

Permit action




Blank Blue Blooms Bliss


B ell you e

Love’s luminaire

Utmost freedom



Brave faith in breeze

Lifts enchantment

Use drafts to pray 

 Enough factment.


Broad sky a prop

Lucent cloudless

Under atop

Ere the loudless.


Belief in air

Lights up a trust

Until nightfall

Ends as it must.


A Note On The Moral Of This Poem:

If you take the sky for granted, the less you’ll love what is enchanted! 


Facing The Waves

sea+toes+westWhile facing west

A wave made curl

And met the toes

Of older girl


A camera snap

From cell device

Caught water’s words

Steam liquid ice


She played the part

Of watch and wait

While feeling swirl

Of sand and fate


The rise of tide

Brought wet of foam

Parallel to 

Her life in poem








Word Chemistry




Compare two words

that seem alike…

examine for

linguistic psych!


No resistance

except for T.

As three Ns wave



Small renaissance,

enormous plea

reveals new truth

as chemistry.


In alphabet

find solution

and reverence for



NOTE: This poem is in honor of the words RENAISSANCE and RESISTANCE. Look at how they live in the same letter neighborhood yet mean two completely different things. The T represents one line going up against another line, a barrier. And the three Ns represent lines on a chart that measures things/feelings/ideas that go up and down and expand along a line, like waves of water upon a sandy shore. The word “renaissance” means “to be reborn” and comes from the Italian; the word “resistance” means “to hold back” and comes from Middle English. Both words contain an i, so you, the I, is contained within both words–like an exquisite holographic flower in a garden of imagined reality. There are no Us to be found here–these words are for the individual I to perceive alone, without another witness. But, notice that the letter T stands alone in the appropriate word. If you play these words small, renaissance, resistance, as lower case letters, the t allows one to rise above the bar. So simple! Enter a renaissance of being when you release the resistance of the upper case letters and let the small letters play in the park, like children! (I took this photo a little while ago when I realized that I had a test tube, some letter beads and the plastic statue which my friend Mike Tapscott found in a parking garage near the University of Arizona when we attended the Tucson Festival of Books in March. Thank you to the child who must have left behind this Happy Meal toy! Let me know if you want it back.)


Reading Angel

Card of angel

tells the weather.

“Now,” sings the dove,

“we will gather.”



sews a suture

makes a pattern

of the future.


Without pretense

and the tense past

comes new passion

a breath. Aghast.


Passing on some  

word wrotation


a grace quotation.


NOTE: This charm is available from my friend ShaRon website:, and this poem is dedicated to the project we are planning for the year 2015.