a walk, an eye

a camera

a thought, a poem

oh grammar, ah!


four elements


for energies

go in, gentle…


air day or night

sea fair or rain

fire holds on tight

earth is a brain


a verse of stars

in water drops


in flight nonstops


NOTE: Last night I had the opportunity to visit open desert. I did so with friends equipped with cameras and intentions to capture light in darkness. Success — undetermined. Near the end of our field trip, we happened on a park, a playground, that was being watered by sprinklers. That is what this photo is — water drops projected from a sprinkler, at midnight, being played with by the flash from an iPhone.

Aqua Pura












a pure liquid

holy water

an artesian

alma mater



oh oxygen

gas rises out

of hydrogen


this substance has


it bathes all with



love it use it

drip drip drip drip

in water flows


Water, Water

Water, water

drip and ocean

alma mater



Thank you, liquid

hello to gel

goodbye frigid

let’s see steam swell.


So give credit

to the charges

life as edit

smalls live larges!


Our perception

— reality —

is exception

and poetry.


NOTE: This was written in response to Ethan Siegal’s blog post today on Medium.com:


Thank you, Ethan, for using water to explain things to us and for inspiring a bit of verse for the uni.IMG_1371