“These Are A Few Of Our Science-y Things”


Sung to the tune of “A Few of My Favorite Things” from “The Sound of Music”*


Raindrops on bosons and atoms unwritten

Bright copper metals, an entangled mitten

Brown paper theories tied up with M strings

These are a view of our physical things.

Lab coated cronies all using their noodles

Corbels and martels and equations with doodles

Wild guesses that fly with just time on their wings

These are a few of our science-y things.

Gels in glass test tubes with blue enzyme sashes

Physicsflakes apps on iPhones and eyeglasses

Silver whitepapers above questionings

These are the glue of e-lab-orate things.

When the push pulls, when the tool stings

When we’re raving mad

We simply remember some sacred things

And then we go back to CAD**.

Songwriters: Oscar Hammerstein Lil Richard Rodgers for “The Sound of Music”

*With apologies to Oscar Hammerstein, Richard Rogers…and the von Trapp Family. And, thanks to Ethan Siegel for his blog on Medium “Starts With A Bang.”

**Computer-aided Design


Good Morning Moon


eclipse4-4-15Dark skies in spring

doth hearts unwind

with tiny keys

in locks of mind.

Abed we lie

beg dreams to keep

in slippered truth

of conscious deep.

A clock, a buzz

and gravity

we see the moon

does moon see we?

Lunar eclipse

shades of bloodlight

gives a morning

the end to night.


NOTE: I found this song to accompany the poem (with gratitude to Jim Brickman):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FC8-5rjsqA

Thank you to my friend S. for sharing the experience of this eclipse with me from your geographic position on this planet of ours. When we witness celestial events together apart, something aligns and all is well.