a walk, an eye

a camera

a thought, a poem

oh grammar, ah!


four elements


for energies

go in, gentle…


air day or night

sea fair or rain

fire holds on tight

earth is a brain


a verse of stars

in water drops


in flight nonstops


NOTE: Last night I had the opportunity to visit open desert. I did so with friends equipped with cameras and intentions to capture light in darkness. Success — undetermined. Near the end of our field trip, we happened on a park, a playground, that was being watered by sprinklers. That is what this photo is — water drops projected from a sprinkler, at midnight, being played with by the flash from an iPhone.


Coronal Loops

“A coronal loop is magnetic flux fixed at both ends, threading through the solar body, protruding into the solar atmosphere. They are ideal structures to observe when trying to understand the transfer of energy from the solar body, through the transition region and into the corona.” ~Wikipedia



Image credit: TRACE, Nasa. http://trace.lmsal.com/POD/images/xmseasonlow.jpg


And now, the poem: CORONAL LOOPS

 In shoes of fire

the Sun does flips—

arcs of triumph,

energy blips.



Orange neutrinos?

Sport with magnets?



The fact that light

plays with matter

puts science first—

top of ladder.


So run and rise

to curve and loop

and keep the heat

of conscious group.




Good Morning Moon


eclipse4-4-15Dark skies in spring

doth hearts unwind

with tiny keys

in locks of mind.

Abed we lie

beg dreams to keep

in slippered truth

of conscious deep.

A clock, a buzz

and gravity

we see the moon

does moon see we?

Lunar eclipse

shades of bloodlight

gives a morning

the end to night.


NOTE: I found this song to accompany the poem (with gratitude to Jim Brickman):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FC8-5rjsqA

Thank you to my friend S. for sharing the experience of this eclipse with me from your geographic position on this planet of ours. When we witness celestial events together apart, something aligns and all is well.




I Spoke You True


Around the sun

when it was noon

unattached thought

was trial balloon.


Over the course

of several days

there was a change

in friendhip’s maze.


Under the moon

while it was half

i spoke you true

And made us laugh.


At what is true…

…if not the light

of heart hand head

And freedom fight.

iCandle, iPad, iSeeTheLight



Match struck. iT lit.

Kindled fiction!

Red flame white screen


Electron fire

Burning so bright

iN library

i opens night.

Whose iMmortal

Eyeballs fingers

Brainwaves heartstrings

Poet lingers?

Then and now then

Light words abide:

Paper ink, turn;

Screen, tap and slide.