I, Traveler


to leave no braille

or soft footprint

on journey’s trail.


It started with

a lock of hair

sent to the wind,

for bird to bear.


This DNA

did not disrupt.

It added points

of interrupt.


A home of nest…

or nest of home?

From hair of heart

or out of comb?


NOTE: On the first evening of a long journey, it was necessary to rearrange items in the car. As I inventoried an assortment of toiletry items, I noticed that my hairbrush needed to be freed of some twisted strands. A gentle, cool breeze was blowing; birds were singing in the distance. While I cleaned the brush, I made a decision to release the hairs into the wind and a wish that they would become construction materials for a nest. There is a song about leaving one’s heart in San Francisco…leaving hair in Frazier Park, California might be the next worst thing to do.

Image credit: “Earth And Nest” by renjith krishnan, freedigitalphotos.net

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