OLD PARADIGM                           NEW PARADIGM



‘Old’ and ‘New” are                         ‘New’ met with ‘Old’

as different as                                   and let the court

what I once had                               out its justice

and what he has.                             and time’s export.

Experience                                      The truth unpacked

once booked is done                        in last report

the audience                                    does honor good

felt yin yang yawn.                            and beauty sort.

It’s passed, it’s past                           Dark matter now

it’s daily gone                                     sings tones of gray

it’s weight can’t last.                           as sun of light

It’s anti — non!                                   lets fabric fray.

This poem now ends                          Pick up a thread

but not before                                     and prep a weave

this word called love                           new paradigm

gives balm to lore.                              is you. Believe.

One thought on “COMPANIONS, POEMS

  1. Gosh! Where have I been? What have I been doing? I don’t know. I do see now that I should have been here more often.

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