On Loose, On Choose




Two words, two Os:

one S, one E.

Their two front teeth

chipped, lisp—agree.


Apply to belt

or unlocked gate.

When “loose” is used

there’s free in freight.


When freight goes free

there’s open voice

to use new sound

with choice of “choice.”


Upon the scale:

L left, CH right

An imbalance…

Where “loose” means light!


NOTE: Thank you, Jack Armstrong, for the inspiration—and the choice to create this poem! Jack writes a newsletter that I chose to sign up for so that on Monday mornings the voice of his wisdom comes through to me via the words that are gifted to him. The link to his website is here:


Photo by renjith krishnan. Published on 20 March 2010
Stock photo – Image ID: 10014120


2 thoughts on “On Loose, On Choose

  1. Bless you for this. It is more gratifying than I can tell you to know that the Monday morning messages have been meaningful to you, and the fact that the one this morning was enough to inspire you to produce a poem like this makes me feel good all over. Much love to you.
    Jack Armstrong

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