Heat. Hurt. Heart. Heal.


Violent words,

mean reactions

divide humans

and burn fractions.

X  +

The soul that hurts

with silent pain

will swirl and loop

and rise to rain.

X  + ^

Ask questions for

the answers we’ll

use to bring out

power to heal.

X + ^ ?

That hope exists

where heart is felt

opens the ways

for harm to melt.

X + ^ ? =

NOTE: The Adverse Childhood Experiences study done by Vincent J. Felitti, M.D. and Robert Anda, M.D. is something I believe to be worthy of a Nobel Prize for its impact on the potential of humans to understand suffering and healing. In my way, I know I will spend the rest of my life making this study known and working (as well as playing) to watch those who’ve experienced childhood trauma heal by addressing the wound, allowing the scab and honoring the scar while rising to live lives of more joy and happiness. http://www.acestudy.org. Thank you for reading, thank you for believing in a better world.

scar in sun

A scar in the morning sun. 4-11-15.

Photo is of the scar on my right knee…sorry if it is TMVI (too much visual information).

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