Wound dehiscence/was a factor/on the cross of/life retractor.

Wailing, weeping/human witness/otherworldly/darkened litness.

Stress the body/roll out the soul/transition to/universe hole.

Once ascended/get the masters/to overrule/false disasters!

JeNOTE: I have been waiting for a chance to use the word “dehiscence” in a poem. It is a noun that lives in the field of biology. It means the bursting open of an organ in order to release contents, or, after a surgery, it means that the wound has burst open. If this happens a surgeon is likely to shorten the word to a slang term that sounds like “dehiss.”

To those who celebrate Easter, I wish happiness in 2015 in order to cover the dehiss that may have occurred all those many years ago on that symbol of resistance, the cross. To those who stay thoughtful at Easter–due to the history–I say “thank you.” To children who search for eggs as a rite of spring, I say, “keep searching” because it is a very good exercise!





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