Senseless Matching








Touch a needle
on both its ends.
Feel your (i)dol
And stick with friends.

Taste of ice cube
water’s harden–
like a chestnut
from heart’s garden.

Smell the seething
vapors of ire
shouting, breathing
listen higher!

Look! The unseen!
Why, here it be.
In tiny part
The eye of Me.

Sidebar Poem:

The Use Of YoU

First I saw it at my feet
A curved red life upon the street.
Next with a BlackBerry camera eye
A focused flash then wave of bye.

Small red racer snakes are common in my habitat, especially in the spring. After taking this picture I went home to get a container–I wanted to capture it and let the small children (also in my habitat) examine it up close. Of course, all that remains of this creature is my memory and this photo. However, the class of all-boys in pre-Kindergarten stopped by my office to have a look at the photograph and that was a much more interesting experience than seeing the snake live! Several were concerned that it was poisonous and might have harmed me if I’d caught it. One boy pointed out the snake’s “letter U” shape. Seeing a snake make U (not an S or an O) just might be the sign for which YOU’ve awaited!

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