I CARE US Project : Happy 2013

Icarus : Flight              I CARE US : Phoenix

That's the title of the poem below. Did you take the SAT?

Tomorrow night, a group of strangers will gather at Lux, a coffee 
shop on Central Ave. in Phoenix to discuss art. The Icarus Project 
is the inspiration of Seth Godin and the Internet has made it 
possible. This poem, which follows my favorite style (I'm not 
sure, but I think the style is original...four syllables per line, four lines per stanza, four stanzas per poem with ABCB rhyme
structure) was written in honor of the group, and prior to the 

I rather enjoy time travel via word. Do you? Let's go then, but be
reminded that no matter what your wings are made of, this is 
Phoenix and the sun is going to get you even when you're on the
ground! Ascend anyway. Who is really afraid of the "see?"

At start of year 
To compare notes 
Over coffee, tea.

Flight and the sun 
The topics set 
Wax wings, feathers 
Sea what you get?

Rodin’s thinker-- 
Inspired sit 
In bronze darkness. 
Do your wings fit?

Sweet ascension! 
Needed and sought. 
Got creative--
Shared visions brought!

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